Advisory Committee

The provision of services belonging to the field of activity of the State Shared Service Center (SSSC) is coordinated by a permanent Advisory Committee with advisory rights.

The Advisory Committee consists of a chairman and members. The Chairman of the Advisory Committee is the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance. The Secretaries-General of the other ministries served, and the Secretary of State shall each appoint one member to the Advisory Committee. The composition of the Advisory Committee is approved by the Minister of Public Administration. The Advisory Committee normally meets four times a year: in March, June, September and December.

Duties of the Advisory Committee

  • To make proposals to the minister responsible for the field for the approval or amendment of the Articles of Association, structure, work organization, and development plan of SSSC.
  • To make proposals to the Director-General of SSSC for approval of the agency's action plan, improvement of service quality and efficiency, division of labor between SSSC and serviced institutions, solution of issues related to software used for service, development of special solutions in specific accounting areas, development of standard reports and specific reports.

The functions of the Advisory Committee are established by the Articles of Association.

Last updated: 06.05.2021