SSSC as an employer

The State Shared Service Center is a center of excellence in providing several support services and administering support in the public sector; we employ the best specialists in their field, who are highly valued for their knowledge.
  • We are active exporters of jobs to the regions, and about half of the jobs are located outside Tallinn. If work organization and responsibilities allow, we prefer to offer the opportunity to work all over Estonia when recruiting.
  • We are successful teleworkers. Most of our teams are distributed teams, where employees are located in different cities or do their work both temporarily and permanently from home. As of the beginning of 2021, about 12% of people are permanently working in their home office. We have created all the conditions for employees whose nature allows their work to choose the most suitable place to work. As a location-flexible organization, we were awarded the Teleworker label by the Smartwork Association, Elisa, and the Estonian Human Resource Management Association PARE.
  • We have a tradition of celebrating SSSC's birthday, the anniversary of the republic, New Year's Eve, and Christmas together. We meet with the entire organization twice a year: in the winter seminar, we look back and set new goals, and in the summer seminar, we practice teamwork.
  • In order to better reconcile work and personal life, in addition to the possibility of teleworking and flexible working hours, we also provide days off for certain personal life events and three days of restoring health and ability to work per year. In addition, we pay compensation for the second and third days of illness.
  • We value the development of our employees and the work results that are achieved by following the values. We talk about them in development interviews and performance interviews, and we recognize employees for good results. We provide the employee with one day of self-development per quarter.
  • We have agreed with our employees on the values we follow in our work, and we attach importance to recognize our employees at the annual seminar based on value-based categories.

Advantages of working in SSSC 

  • Working time and workplace flexibility (home office);

  • 35 days vacation;

  • 3 health days;

  • 3 days in the case of death of a loved one;

  • 3 days in case of marriage;

  • 1 day in the event of an accident in the family;

  • 1 day for the parent of a student of grades I-IV at the beginning of the school year;

  • 1 day in case of graduation of one's own or a loved one;

  • 1 day in case of child’s graduation from the kindergarten or hobby school;

  • 1 day for personal development per quarter;

  • 2nd and 3rd- day sickness benefit 70%;

  • 75 euros per quarter in Stebby environment;

  • reimbursement of participation fees in case of team participation in sports events;

  • free use of premises for activities to improve work capacity;

  • compensation for the purchase of spectacles EUR 100 per year;

  • quarterly lecture on general education topics;

  • joint events and celebrations;

  • annual performance fee according to work results.

All in all - this gives us a happy and satisfied employee!

Labels and recognitions


Since 2017, SSSC has been one of the institutions recognized by the Teleworker label. The aim of the Teleworker label is to recognize and involve organizations that implement different opportunities for teleworking.

Family friendly company

We spend most of our time at work, and reconciling work and family life affects us at every stage of our lives - whether it's adding a new family member, raising children, supporting loved ones, or improving skills in addition to work. We want to support our employees in this and offer them the best working environment. That is why we decided to join the Ministry of Social Affairs' family-friendly employer program.

Last updated: 06.05.2021