RRF process and inclusion

The current process and dialogue with the partners began already in the process of the ‘Estonia 2035’ strategy, where the challenges faced by Estonia were jointly mapped out, strategic objectives were formulated, and the necessary changes that should be implemented in the coming years were agreed on. With the support of the RRF, we can bring impetus to some of the reforms agreed on in the strategy, implement several investments planned in the sectoral development plans, and provide support for the implementation of the digital and green transition through various support measures.

The recovery plan is based on the national strategy ‘Estonia 2035’ approved by the Riigikogu on 12 May 2021. The strategy was prepared in close and extensive cooperation with all stakeholders, partner organisations and the general public. Over the past two years, open and meaningful discussions were held with all partners and stakeholders and written proposals and recommendations were collected.

Numerous seminars and discussions were held with stakeholders across Estonia to map Estonia's development needs and key challenges and to agree on the main reforms and changes that must be carried out in order to solve the challenges facing Estonia. The process provided a very clear and broad view of the urgent, medium and long-term needs and, along with them, the reforms and investments that need to be implemented in the years ahead.

From 22–26 March 2021 consultation workshops were held with social partners and umbrella organisations to specify the priorities planned from the RRF and Structural Funds in order to jointly discuss key activities, necessary target groups, and general principles for designing support measures. More detailed information and materials for the workshops can be found here.

A public consultation on the draft recovery plan was held between 20 May and 4 June. Proposals were gathered from a couple of dozen organisations and private individuals in the course of the consultation. A large part of the proposals concerned the inclusion of new investments in the RRF funding scheme, which is not feasible, as the support amount will be reduced and the scheme is likely to be overbooked.

The remaining proposals concerned more detailed content and implementation of the reforms and investments and measures planned in the Recovery Plan, the details of which will be determined in cooperation between stakeholders and ministries in the coming months when the terms and conditions of the measure are drawn up. In order to ensure transparency in the implementation of the plan and the exchange of information, we are looking for a common ground with the Monitoring Committee on Structural Funds, which also includes the relevant partners and implementers of the RRF.

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