State Shared Service Center was established on 2013. Below are the main milestones of our development.


TTJA and RIA Grants implementation units will join 

As of 1 April 2021, the implementation units of the subsidies of the Consumer Protection joined and  from 1 June 2021 Technical Regulatory Authority and the State Information System Authority will join. 


Innove and arhicmedes join

As of 1 April 2020, SSSC has been organizing the measures previously implemented by SA Innove and SA Archimedes.

The tax and customs board will be handed over the tasks of managing court claims 
advisory committee

An advisory Committee consisting of customer representatives will be set up




As of 1 January 2018, the central training unit previously located in the structure of the Ministry of Finance was brought to SSSC (the corresponding service of the Personnel Services Department), and the tasks of a mortgagee for the sale of land on hire purchase (in the field of claims management) and the tasks of organizing the data of the population register necessary for the preparation of the register-based census were added for a limited period until 31.12.2019.

reorganization of sssc into a government agency

The additional tasks from the beginning of 2018 were accompanied by the need to reorganize SSSC from an institution managed by the Ministry of Finance into a government agency.

Regional programs and grants from Norway, the EEA, and MoSA

regional programs and grants from norway, the eea and Mosa 
  • From September 2018, SSSC performs the function of the managing and paying authority of the European Union structural funds and cross-border programs and acts as the liaison and certifying authority for the Norwegian and European Economic Area financial mechanisms and, where specified by law, as the implementing entity.
  • From September 2018, SSSC organizes the application and payment of regional subsidies (incl. cross-border programs) in the area of government of the Ministry of Finance, which was previously dealt with by Enterprise Estonia; issuing grants from the Government Office and the Ministry of Social Affairs, which were previously handled by the Ministry of Finance; in addition, the organization of regional programs under the responsibility of the Ministry of Rural Affairs.


claims management

In 2017, the activities of the SSSC included additional tasks in the field of claims management in connection with keeping records of student loans, maintenance allowance and land hire purchase claims and directing them to enforcement.


public procurement

In 2016, a central procurement unit of the SSSC structure was established by a decision of the Government of the Republic, the task of which was to organize national central procurements (the first joint procurements were carried out a year later) and to provide procurement services to interested government agencies.


consolidation decision of the government of the republic

The Government of the Republic decided to consolidate the financial and personnel accounting of all state agencies into SSSC no later than in the first quarter of 2017.


the state shared service center is established

The starting year of SSSC's activities can be considered to be 2013, when for the first time institutions of more than one ministry were served (in 2013, accounting services were offered to four areas of government - the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications). It started with the provision of personnel and payroll accounting, financial accounting, state accounting, management of administration, and business software of claims arising from national legal proceedings.

Last updated: 14.09.2021