Introduction and structure

The State Shared Service Center (official abbreviation SSSC) is a government agency under the administration of the Ministry of Finance. SSSC provides various support services to the central government agencies that have entered into an agreement on the provision of support services and performs the function of the managing and paying authority for the European Union structural funds and cross-border programs; The Liaison Office for Financial Mechanisms in Norway and the European Economic Area; and, where specified by law, the tasks of the implementing entity.


The agency is headed by Director-General Pärt-Eo Rannap.
In addition, an advisory committee consisting of customer representatives has been set up.

The structural units of the Center are the departments (10). In larger departments, services (28) or units are formed as subdivisions (e.g., the purchase invoicing unit in the MER division of the Financial Accounting Department). The structure of the Center may also include the posts and positions of officials and other staff outside the departments reporting to the Director-General and the Deputy Director-General. These include the Deputy Director General (Martin Karro), the Development Manager and the Quality Manager under the Director-General, and the Project Managers under the Deputy Director-General.  

Organizational structure

Mission, vision, and goals



We enable the customer to focus on their core business by offering effective solutions in the field of support services and support.


We are the preferred support service provider and support implementer with the best employees in our field and smart IT solutions. 

Strategic goals

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Our services contribute to the achievement and development of customers' goals.

The services we offer are efficient.

The services we offer are used by most central government units.

SSSC is known in the public as an innovative and reliable organization.

We employ competent and committed people.

Core values


We are the best
experts in our field!


Together we will achieve
the best result


We do
what we promise


  • personnel and payroll accounting
  • personnel development (organization of central training across the public sector)
  • financial accounting
  • document management and archiving services
  • preparation of consolidated state accounts
  • organization of public procurements
  • organizing the use of grants

Information systems managed by SSSC

The Business Software Development Department of SSSC manages and develops various information systems necessary for its core business: 

  • business software SAP, which performs both personnel and payroll and financial accounting, i.e., it is the most important tool for the accountants of SSSC.
  • all government employees are more or less exposed to the Government Employee Self-Service Portal (RTIP) on a daily basis, which is also managed and developed by the Business Software Development Department. RTIP is a self-service portal launched in 2013 under the auspices of SSSC, where 32,500 government employees can manage their personal data and information on economic expenses, holidays, business trips, training, and assets on a daily basis.
  • SSSC customers have access to the web-based reporting environment SAP BO, in which more than 200 different standard reports have been implemented and which give them an overview of the accounting in the business software.
  • An e-support environment for the Structural Funds has been created to apply for funding from various sources.
  • Structural Funds Operational System (SFOS), which is a tool for SSSC employees as well as employees of other agencies involved in the implementation of grants.

In addition, SSSC mediates the e-invoice processing environment, for which Fitek AS is currently the cooperation partner.

Last updated: 11.01.2023